Sunday, July 24, 2011

GM # 21 – Recycle plastic bottles

GM # 21 – Recycle plastic bottles

If you can still remember the post i have made weeks ago about the shocking truth of plastics. Here is another post about plastics but this time, let’s talk about plastic bottles. Plastic bottles is just basically a bottle that is made out of plastic. It can have different sizes or different design but it usually have a narrow necks and openings that are sealed off with a hard plastic cap.

Plastic bottles are commonly used to store liquids such as water, soda, laundry detergent, medicine, shampoo , milk and many other liquid varieties. Plastic bottles are made of variety of resins, Low-density polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate is the most common resin found on a plastic bottle. Leonardo da Vinci is the first to invent the first natural plastic which comes from animal and vegetable glues but it was Alexander Parkes who made the first manmade plastic.

Plastic bottles are considered one of those non-biodegradable, it takes 700 years to compost them, that is why throwing them away will just filled up garbage dump sites. That is why many countries and companies are doing their best to recycle those plastic bottles. Although it was not recycled to become a new plastic bottle again but it was made as a second grade plastic that can be a great use for different purposes or maybe a beautiful piece to beautify your home.

One of those aesthetic designer who recycled plastic bottles into a beautiful piece of house decoration is Michelle Brand, seeing her lovely collection, you would not believe that it was made from plastics and she even made a wedding dress out of plastic bottles .

Teaching our children about recycling even on their early age is a good start to open their eyes on how they can help our environment. This is an interesting book to start with.

I’m a cola addict myself and knowing this circumstances, i wanted to do my share on helping our mother earth. Here is another way you can recycle your plastic bottles and create to a new creative creation to beautify your office desk or room.

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I just can't take my eyes away from this lovely picture , shared by Shiju

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