Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Elyzza on Modelo ... Kids on the Ramp

To all my dear Friends and Family members, 
PLease support my Daughter ELYZZA... hope you can all join us during the Elimination Round on Jan. 22, Sunday at 4:00pm @ SM City Taytay Event Center... Many thanks! See you there! ;))

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Decade of Lessons in Parenting -

A Decade of Lessons in Parenting -

A Decade of Lessons in Parenting

When her oldest child turns 10, one mother reflects on what she's learned

By Fernanda Moore
mom and son lying down facing each other
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The day my older son, Zander, turned, as he called it, the big one-oh, I hit a milestone of my own: I officially entered my second decade of being a mother. And while there was no denying Zander's metamorphosis from fuzzy-haired, gray-eyed infant to grubby-kneed fourth-grader, my transformation was no less significant.

And Zander was only one part of my learning curve: My second son, Thad, was born when Zander was 6. Looking back on those first ten years, there were clearly a few lessons that repeatedly saved my sanity. I hope they do the same for you!

Lesson #1: Everything is Just a Phase

I read this somewhere when Zander was a toddler, and considered having it tattooed someplace extremely visible--like on his forehead--so I'd remember to take a deep breath and chant it like a mantra. Screaming bloody murder at bedtime? Just a phase. Wearing rubber boots everywhere, including the pool, when it's 92 degrees in the shade? Phase. Suddenly hating organic applesauce, previously consumed at the rate of two jars a day, just when I've splurged and bought six cases of the stuff? Just (very deep breath) another phase.

Only when Thad came along and started staging a series of unpleasant episodes of his own did I realize that my mantra had a tragic flip side. If everything is a phase, then good behavior must be just as fleeting and transitory as bad. With Zander, though I'd become quite expert at gritting my teeth through the bad patches, I still thought his "true" self was the little boy who climbed into bed each morning murmuring into my ear "Mmmm, you smell so delicious, Mommy." (That phase, by the way, lasted exactly three glorious months.)

Instead of wasting time and energy wondering when Thad would finally settle into his own "true" personality (you know, the sweet, loving, polite one), I suddenly realized that sweetness passes as surely as brattiness does. It was immensely liberating. So these days, I'm doing my best just to ride the roller coaster of my boys' developmental phases, instead of desperately fighting to keep the highs (which, in case you haven't heard, is just as exhausting and depressing as slogging through the lows).

Monday, January 09, 2012

How to teach values to your kids

How to teach values to your kids

Top Ten Ways to Teach Values to Your Kids

by Mark Brandenburg

In a consumer-driven society that broadcasts values that don’t reflect what you believe, how can fathers teach values to their kids? Here are ten ideas to help you:

  1. how to teach kids values

    Tell them your life stories and teach through your stories
    Kids love to hear stories about your childhood. Weave in some moral dilemmas and you’ve got great opportunities to teach values to them. It certainly beats lecturing your kids!

  2. Live your own life according to your values—walk the talk.
    Kids learn by imitating, especially at a young age. They are very adept at seeing if what you say and what you do are matching up. Don’t give them confusing signals; follow your own values every moment.

  3. Expose them to your religion or faith
    It seems especially important today to let them know that they’re not alone. Providing your kids with a community of faith will strengthen their values and provide parents some “leverage”

  4. Pay attention to who else might be teaching values to your kids
    Get to know your child’s teachers, coaches, relatives, etc. Anyone who spends time with your kids may be influencing them. Know their values and beliefs as well.

  5. Ask your kids questions that will stimulate dialogue about values
    Telling them what values they should have won’t always be effective, especially when your kids get older. Asking them “curious” questions will allow discussions that will eventually lead to values. “What did you think about that fight,” may be more effective than, “He shouldn’t have started that fight!”

  6. Talk to them about values in a relaxed and easy way
    Nothing will turn your kids off more than preaching values to them after they’ve screwed up! Talk to them when everyone’s relaxed, and do it in a light, conversational manner. They’ll be much more likely to be listening rather than tuning you out.

  7. Read them fairy tales when they’re younger
    Fairy tales capture the imagination of kids and can easily lead to a discussion of values. Kids will learn the most concerning values when they’re excited about the topic.

  8. Involve your kids in art, activities, or helping others while limiting TV and video games
    Kids learn values when they experience them. Allow them to experience helping others and involve them in activities that will expand their creativity.

  9. Have frequent conversations about values in your household
    This lets your kids know that it’s important and it’s not just something you talk about when they do something wrong.

  10. Have high expectations for your kids’ value systems
    Kids will tend to rise to the level of expectation you have for them. Their value system will often reflect yours if the expectations are high.

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Life is Beautiful: 100 Followers Lens Giveaway Contest

Life is Beautiful: 100 Followers Lens Giveaway Contest: Hey guys! Holiday season is coming so fast! Can you feel it already? :) I just recently hit 100+ followers on my blog and 400+ subscribers i...