Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bebengisms: Bagfull & the Woman Behind Its Success Giveaway!

 I never in my Life had a Bag like this, it was a long time ago when i bought a bag for myself, and it was 10 years ago until i became a Mother till now i only buy a school bag for my kids ... syempre my children's priority first, And this is my chance to have my new Bag for myself by joining the Bebengisms and Bagfull Giveaway!

I Love the Celine Creation by Bagfull, I love the color and the design is so much in with me. As a Mom of 3 i may also deserve to in and to have a fashionable bag like this.

Maybe its my personal and Diaper bag in one for me, i put my wallet, make up, babywipes, alcogel,nappies and baby bottle and Milk for my baby..hehhehe ;)

Check out the Bagfull FB Page - and Bebenggisms Page too -

More Power and God Bless to all of you!